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Walk more. Stay healthy. Get rewarded.

Wellness Heroes

Walking is one of the easiest activities to embrace with a profound positive impact on health. makes it worthwhile to walk !

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You are a HERO.

You strive daily to give a better life to your family, do your job well and support your colleagues to drive a better result at the workplace, you help people who need that, you find time to ensure your parents are enjoying life and you want Sri Lanka to prosper. You are happy to juggle through these roles every day.  


Today, we want to change the focus to ‘YOU’. Because all above and lives of everyone you touch, depends on YOU, depends on YOU being healthy. 


Walking is a single action that has a profound positive impact on our lives. In a Harvard study, they’ve assessed that 3.4 years get added to life of people who walk 150 minutes a week. That’s more time for us to enjoy life and make others happy. 


In our world, heroes do the right thing and look after themselves, and they get rewarded!


Join us to be a Wellness Hero, the most rewarded wellness initiative seen in Sri Lanka with a grand prize of ONE MILLION RUPEES !

12 Months.
12 Challenges

Each month you have a challenge with a theme. You'll be virtually moving between two cities in Sri Lanka or somewhere else. 

Completion of the monthly challenge entitles you to ONE Entry for the Grand Prize as well as for the monthly winners draw.

Each challenge has a maximum of 21 days. 

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Grand Prize : 


Each time you complete a monthly challenge under Wellness Heroes, you win ONE ENTRY to the grand draw to be held in January 2023.


10 x Monthly Winners

Completing the monthly challenge on time gets your name into the draw to pick 10 monthly winners. 


Deal Redemption

Collect your points & redeem for best deals in town !

Achieving daily step target.

Completing the monthly challenge.

Completing all challenges in a quarter and year will get you bonus points.


Feature your brand in 'Wellness Heroes',

join us to promote a healthier Sri Lanka. 

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