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LKR 2,400 / Year  


Most affordable health plan in town.

Unlimited access to assigned doctors via chat or video consultations

Medicine delivered home with 5% discount

Home based lab services

Get lab reports reviewed via the app


Discounts to leading hospitals

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Doctor's Appointment

LKR 3,000 Three Month Plan


Three step approach to definitive improvement in health.

1. Screening

2. Risk assessment & goal setting

3. guidance with assigned team of a doctor, dietician & fitness expert

* Risk assessment will focus on future cardiovascular and diabetes risks and identify contributory factors.

Stay engaged, meet the goal and get rewarded !

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Soon !
Image by Hush Naidoo

LKR 1,000 / Month

All-in-ONE online fitness

This may not be the best time to hit a gym. Workout right from the safety of your home. 

Up to 20 sessions a month !

Zumba | General fitness | Cross Fit

That's just LKR 100/session. 

Every weekday at 7PM.

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Image by Bill Oxford

LKR 7,000 Now LKR 6,300

5 * 5 Weight Loss

The guided, result driven, affordable plan.

Lose up to 5kg in 5 weeks with online fitness, personalized diet and exercise plans crafted by weight loss experts with over a decade of experience in delivering sustainable weight loss in highly scientific manner.

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