The affordable healthcare plan.

LKR 2,400   LKR 950 / Year

Get unlimited doctor video consultations with an assigned set of doctors and more with this plan. 

* Only in Greater Colombo

** These deals will change time to time. 

( You'll be taken to secure and central bank approved payment site. )


Your family doctor is here.

  • Ask a question

  • Do a consultation via Video (No limit)

  • Get your lab reports reviewed


Medicine delivered home

PLUS 5% discount *

  • Simply upload a prescription in hand as a photo or submit the ePrescription you receive from the app. 


Discounts with leading hospitals

  • Discounts for laboratory services

  • Room rates

  • and more...


Deals with partners

  • Discounts on baby products, exercise equipment, gyms, etc. **

Special offer only till 31st 

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