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Path to a healthier life

Three Month Program

LKR 4,500   LKR 3,000

This is s pioneering program that helps a person identify and address that health risk in three months through a guided program.

How it works ?

* Only in Greater Colombo

** These deals will change time to time. 



  • A simple screening and assessment to be done via many of our partners. 

  • Can be done at labs, pharmacies (soon) or at home.*

  • risk assessment engine will process your data from assessment to produce a personalized report. 


Goal Setting

  • Based on the analysis the system will propose one goal from following list, to manage,

    1. Weight​

    2. Activity level

    3. Blood pressure

    4. Cholesterol

    5. Blood sugar

    6. Stress

    7. Sleep

  • You can accept the suggested goal, pick another goal or request for a call with a doctor to help you select.​


Achieve you health goal

  • An assigned team of a doctor, dietician and a fitness expert (and a mental health expert if needed) will be assigned to guide you.

  • App will share information, videos, post quizzes & puzzles to educate you on your risk and management of it.

  • Each engagement will give you points. Accumulated points can be exchanged for partner 'Discount Vouchers'.

  • Checkout the marketplace on the app to find options that may make achieving your goal even easier. 


Deals with partners

  • Discounts on baby products, exercise equipment, gyms, etc. **

( You'll be taken to secure and central bank approved payment site. )

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