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5 * 5 Weight Loss

Guided, result driven & affordable. 

LKR 7,000   LKR 6,300

Lose up to 5kg in 5 weeks with online fitness, personalized diet and exercise plans crafted by weight loss experts with over a decade of experience in delivering sustainable weight loss in highly scientific manner.

5Kg x 5 Weeks Weight loss plan
How it works

This comprehensive and easy to follow plan will deliver the result you desire with the support of a lead nutritionist, fitness expert and doctor supporting you. 

Measuring Tape


A quick assessment to see how well this program fits you. 

Diet Plan


Your assigned nutritionist will understand your needs to create a personalised diet plan. 

This will be a plan that you enjoy following with minimum disruptions to rest in the family.

Running Outdoors


You'll have an assigned fitness expert to guide you.

A fitness plan that you can enjoy will be designed.

Bonus : You can join online fitness classes every weekday.

Medical Tablet


There's a doctor at hand for any advice you may need and especially if you are on any medication. 

Image by Bill Oxford

Benefits of losing 5 Kg

A small change with BIG benefits.

  • Better mood

  • Sleep longer and better

  • Reverse insulin resistance

  • Ease high blood pressure

  • Lower bad cholesterol and increase the good. 

  • Manage Type 2 Diabetes better

  • Ease up on joints

  • Reduce chances of getting cancer

Take the assessment and sign up to start your weight loss journey.

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