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Fit Woman


Goal oriented wellness

LKR 15,000 for 3 Months

Do an assessment, select a goal and achieve it ! This is a tried and tested result oriented wellness program that can address,

1. Weight management

2. Improve fitness

3. Manage cholesterol, blood sugar or blood pressure

4. Stress

5. Sleep challenges

This is a personalised program thats delivered with minimum hindrance to your lifestyle. 

How it works ?



  • Your journey starts with a comprehensive questionnaire to assess your health & wellness to propose a goal. 

  • There's a home based screen included


Your assigned expert team
Doctor | Nutritionist | Fitness Expert

  • ​Get your personalised plan to achieve the goal

  • Ask any questions via chat

  • Video consultations (unlimited)

  • Weekly followup


Health & wellness help line

  • Access to concierge for any assistance

  • Find classes to try out, get home based tests organised, medicine/supplements delivered home, find safe locations to walk/run

  • via the app or call


Rewards and deals

  • Discounts from hospitals that we wish you'll never need

  • Time to time there'll be special offers from partners including discounts on fitness equipment

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