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Employees Healthy

We make your,

In an easy, affordable & a fun way

at home and in office.

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Image by Jon Tyson

Do you know that,

ONE in THREE employees live with a future health risk ? 

Here's what you can do.

Create a culture of wellness

Talk about it. Laugh about it. Show that it's a priority. 

Running Shoes

Step Challenge

Twenty One day, team based challenge.

Best way to get started and sustain your wellness initiative. 

5x5 Weight Loss


Lose up to 5Kgs in 5 Weeks with guidance of a qualified dietician.

Includes a fitness expert and a doctor.

Do it as teams !

Image by Jennifer Burk

FitLife Pack

Help your employees achieve their wellness goal with an assigned team of a fitness expert, dietician and a doctor. 

Get started with a box full of things to get started. 

Stretching Exercises

Wellness Day

An action pack day to kick start living healthy.

Done with different themes it's an action pack one hour punch per group. Typically 5 groups can be handled in one day. 

Doctor Teaching on Seminar


Insightful sessions on topics from mental health to weight management.

Identify employees at risk

Our digitally enabled screening process help your employees understand risks they live with, and help them select a goal.

Blood Test

Achieving health goals

Take wellness goals beyond a new year resolution !

Man Using a Tablet
Mind Relaxation


Eight week program developed by University of Sri Jayawardenapura. 

Supportive Friend

Mental Health Support Plan

Self assessment, mental health first aid and consultations.



You can book a doctor consultation to visit a hospital, 

ask a question, 

have a video based consultation, 

Get your lab reports reviewed from home !


Just upload your prescription or type in what you need from the pharmacy. 

We partner with both online and local pharmacies to get your medicine safely to you. 


Be more active, challenge yourself, win rewards.

Check for current step challenges on


From losing weight, getting fitter to addressing stress helps you improve your health on a daily basis. 

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